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One of those days

June 30th 2014

I’m back, a busy few days has limited my energy to scribe my inner ramblings.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent working in the “Big Smoke”. A morning walk along the river helped me relax ready for the busy day ahead.

So back to today, woke early and laid awake thinking about nothing. Must have dozed back off as the 06:00am alarm woke me from my slumber. Got up and began the chore of getting ready.

Arrived a work to an inbox full of noise, Once the noise was subdued I carried on with my recent work accommodation preparations.

Cut the grass, eat pizza, drank wine, went to bed.

Looking back, not many highlights, fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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A moment

June 23rd 2014

Ever woken from your slumber feeling more tired than you did before you visited the land of nod, that was the feeling that greeted me as a dragged my tonne weight head off my marshmallow pillow.

“Up and at em” I thought, quick shower I’ll be as good as new. As the hot water splashed the top of my head I felt the tiredness flow down the plughole.

A couple of vending machine coffees later my recovery from bed monster to a functioning member of the workforce was complete.

The end of my working day soon arrived and in a single moment over a refreshing iced Strawberries and Cream my day went from a 3 to a 10. Amazing how interesting conversation and an easy going nature can make the time fly by.

Bring on Tuesday……


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And relax

June 22nd 2014

As I wrestled with my deck chair I got a sudden sense of satisfaction that yesterdays hard work was all worth it.

Positioning it carefully to take full advantage of the rays of sunshine covering the fresh cut turf. Touchdown, sunk like a battleship into pure comfort, relaxed.

In today’s non stop social media driven world sometimes its nice to turn off your phone, put down the tablet, mute the music and listen closely to the world in motion.

My relaxing summers day.


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June 21st 2014

It’s a funny thing, without it would we ever get out of bed?

As I lay here in a hot bath I think back to my motivation for making that “one great step for mankind” out of my bed.

Cut the grass, trim the hedge, put up the pictures, this mornings tiny to do list seemed endless at 06:34am, I’ll doze a little longer. 08:00am soon comes round and my optimism for the day ahead hits its peak. I roll from my heavenly slumber pit, hit the floor and get ready to face the world.

My motivation is the sense of satisfaction you get from recognising that today has been a good day.

I’m ready to face tomorrow, that may be a different story at 06:34am but you never know, tomorrow will be a good day.


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June 20th 2014

Inspiration can strike at any moment, my inner ramblings were inspired by a meeting with Valkyrie.

Sat minding my own business flicking between spreadsheets and presentations I was greeted by Sammy falling from an air con vent onto my freakishly round head. Now I could tell Sammy was no ordinary spider, he was an 8 legged action man ready for danger. I watched as Sammy composed himself and began the treacherous 15.4" climb up my laptop screen, I was willing him all the way. Once at the top he gave a little nod to the perils he had overcome. Sammy stayed a little while striding up and down the laptop lid until it was time to leave. Sammy zoomed down his zip line web and scurried off on to another action packed adventure.

Now I don’t blame you in thinking I’m a moron but these are my inner ramblings so sit tight, it may be a bumpy ride


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